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Never have taken a Microsoft cert. This is supposedly the first one that i can take but i never owned Vista. I have worked on Vista computers before but mainly an XP guy. I am looking for advice to either purchase Vista for cheap, use for free, or Virtual Machine. I own a XP desktop and a XP laptop. I would rather convert the XP desktop into a vista machine, ideally i would hate to be stuck with it. I probably ghost the image before i either upgrade or dual boot.

I read some advice already about using someone Vista Copy for 30 days. I didn't see any info for getting for cheap but i know Microsoft attempt to hook up students (cheap to me is $50 USA ). I heard people mention VM but usually for Linux distro.

What copy should I get if I have to buy? Home would be cheaper, i know.
Where to buy such copy?
If i get it for free after 30 days does it revert back to XP without issues?
I heard mention on the board that it could be extended to 120 days which would be my target study time.
Could i just Dual boot the Vista? or would buying an upgrade license be a better bet?
My experience with Virtual Machines is limited. Mostly with Linux distro. Is it practical to study on?

I have read a few post on this board about these subjects. I am sure these kernel of information are stuck somewhere. Any advice you could give me on helping me to acquire Vista would be appreciated.

My projected date for taking the EXAM is the End of the Summer. I want to take my time over the summer to get to know it also i will be reading various books on the subject.


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    First, for study purposes you will want Ultimate version, as it has every feature so you can get hands on for everything.

    Second, you have 2 options for going free.

    1. Microsoft offers Vista in a vhd (virtual machine) that you can load into Virtual PC (also free) and use Vista there.

    2. If you can get your hands on some Vista installation media, you can install it for 30 days without providing a product key for the trial period.
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