security clearance- how to document online school

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I am filling out my papers to get a security clearance and im at a section im not sure about. I went to several different schools and eventually graduated from an online college. There is a section that wants a list of schools I attended and a person that knows me from that school. Ive never been the most outgoing person and I can't think of anyone that would know me from any of my schools And the online school I never even met anyone face to face. Has anyone else had any of these problems and what did you do about it??
thanks everyone.


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    Just write down a student or professor that you had regular contact with online or through e-mail. The security form does not specifiy face-to-face contact. I have seen this done with no problems. It is always a nice courtesy to send that person a quick note letting them know that you have used them as a school contact.

    With online schooling becoming so common, it will not be a problem.

    If you still have a problem coming up with a person, just use your student advisor or enrollment counselor.
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    Larry is correct. For mine, I used a friend who didn't actually attend the school, but had firsthand knowledge of me attending the online college. This worked fine for them, also. If you have further questions contact your security office, because the way people do business varies greatly from location to location.
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