Resume help! - had a lot of bad luck!

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I did a computing and mathematics degree , couple of yrs ago, I graduated with Honours..but scraped through my final yr due to one lecturer having a mental breakdown start of the course unit and ended up being taught word from word from a course study guide by an msc student.( basically everyone who did the course got rubbish marks in the course and failed). I found the degree too varied and couldn't actually put a finger on where to apply. I wasn't good enough for graduate jobs due to my degree results and I did something totally different(physicals sciences) during college(b4 university). I never actually gone down applying for jobs because of it.

I ended up temping( as a housing officer) for a yr as the banks were on my case to start pay off debts I got from university. I then had a bad injury playing football(soccer) and ended up out of action for 6-7 months ie. on crutches at best. I have recovered ie can walk and run again. :D

I have never held a permanent job in my life . ie. b4 that had summer vacation jobs(agency) in customer services. I am turning 25 in a few months and want to do what I am actually good at.

I spent any savings I had on doing few comptia courses and currently doing my mcp(70-270). I am wondering if I should apply for jobs out there with what I have got. I have very little money left. I need help with my resume.

I am actually doing a resume(a proper one) for the first time as never needed to. As job agencies found me jobs.

I need to knw that should I put my most current education top ie university or shall i put my certs first (which were self study- mostly), which are the most recent. Or shall i put My comptia certs as a separate section ie. -'computer certs' section - I want to get into computer security eventually. But, I probably need a technical support job first to gain the experience. Also, should I put under each cert what the domains( objectives were or shall I leave that out??

Any tips will be appreciated.


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    all would go under education i would list my certs first then degree being that you have those first.. i also would suggest try for entry level or doing some contract work in computers to gain some better backing on your skills and proving that you have used them in the real world.. outside of that if you contract stay until completion it looks very, very bad if you leave one before it completes and other companies will be wary of working with you.. be upfront and you will find they will get you some low end work to test you out before putting you in the real money.. if you read my last post for the other guy you should be fine
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    pay someone to create you a resume'..$100.00 and you have a resume' for life. Just update it.
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    Actually, my resume changes almost everytime I submit one. I try to tweek it towards the job. If you see them asking for certs in the job description....I lead off with those.....If they are more on experience I lead of with that and list the certs I need at the bottom. I also keep a flashy resume in MS Word / PDF and I have one in notepad. I use the one in notepad to copy and paste into text resume boxes on websites. If you would like to see a copy, just IM me and I will try to help get you started.

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