Is the SSCP just the CISSP-lite?

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Does anyone know is the SSCP by ISC^2 is just a subset or lite version of the CISSP or is it functionally independent?

I did some practice questions from the Free practice exams for the CISSP, CISA, SSCP, GSEC- - Bringing Education to the World site and they all seemed like CISSP questions to me.


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    JD has described the SSCP as Security++. It stands on its own independently and does not contain all of the domains of the CISSP. It is not as widely known as the CISSP, but it is newer and has less experience requirements.

    Read this:

    The SSCP Certification Experience Blogs
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    I read the blog post, interesting. Based on the practice questions I did, I don't see the exam as being more technical, it just seems to cover less. Every CBK domain in the SSCP is in the CISSP as well, just not vice-versa. Then again, he actually took the exam so maybe I just had a less technical pool of questions.
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    You can look at the CISSP exam as being less technically-oriented than the SSCP exam. The SSCP exam does not cover the application security, physical security, or legal/ethics domains of the CISSP CBK, but you are expected to know more stuff about Malware and such. Use the SSCP OIG book to prepare.

    And the exam items at are random contributions from people, and are not edited to be an accurate simulation of actual CISSP or SSCP exam questions (and most are not). Being able to score a certain percentage on a practice exam should not be taken as a clear indication that you will be able to pass the actual exam.
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