info needed 4 2003 objectives

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hi all.
i know there are only minor changes in the 2003 object, but i would like to buy a book on exam cram. The problem is, is there a book with the new objective update. if there can you pls post it here for me so i can buy it. or if any 1 knows othere exelent sites like this where there is exelent braindums or questions.

tanks :D


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    I politely suggest that if you want **** you go elsewhere to look for them icon_mad.gif

    We are always more than happy to assist with questions and there are some awesome resources on this site, but to be perfectly frank **** sites suck and those that 'learn' from them I wouldn't hire if my life depended on it.

    I am not familiar with exam cram books, but suggest that Mike Meyers All In One is a perfect book for the A+ exam.
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    i used the corollis verson of exam cram for my a+. an excellent book, and i thought the name was a misnomer as i thought it was indepth.

    i am not aware of books updated to included the new objectives as yet.

    stay away from braindumps. not only would learning q&a from other peoples exams, but there is no guarantee that comptia are using the same question pool. and you can't guarantee that they are correct either.

    if you want example questions, check out our comptia links and find practise exams that techexams finds to be the best.
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    hey guys, tanks for the info. i maybe shoud have asked just for a book, i only asked for questions online (like one's on this site) as people i know who have completed such certificates advice them as they a better then just books, but i need a book as the curriculem i am studying only covers 85% of compTIA final A+ exam so i would like the best information i can get, and this site has helped allot so far. So no offence to any 1 icon_redface.gif .
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    No offense taken :D

    There are many good books out there like the Sybex A+ Certification Guide by David Groth, but I personally recommend the A+ All In One by Mike Meyers. Not only does the Meyers book cover the course completely, but it also has some good history in it that helps you to understand concepts. Plus it also makes a good reference book later on.
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    I used the Wave Technologies' A+ Core Manual to study for my exams. That and a lent copy of the Sybex manual, and the Transcender exam program.

    Braindump sites suck - it's much better to learn it rather than just cram for the exam. It'll help more in the long run, really.
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