Network+ JK0-012 Vs. N10-003.

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Hey, new to the site! Great site. Been using the study guide here, practice tests here, along with TestOut, and a QuickCert account + a Thompson Technologies "Network+ guide to networks 4th edition" that I used in the Network+ class I took.

I bought a voucher from my school for $118 to take the Network+ 2007 objectives before they change the test up.

Okay, so school is out and my teachers are gone.

When I try to register for the N10-003 it kicks me out and says my voucher isn't good.

I managed to contact my teacher before he left and he told me I would have to use a prefix of E2C (for students) This leaves two options (direct copy from pearson vue):

JK0-012 Jobs+/E2C Network+ Certification


JK0-016 CompTIA E2C Network+ (2009 Edition) Exam

Now according to Comptia from THIS: CompTIA Network+ Certification Overview link, they claim it is the same thing.

Well let me ask you this: is it the same exam? And if so...what is the Jobs+ part about? Why isn't it labeled 2007 edition like the 2009 edition is?

Can anyone shed some light on any of this? Thanks! My voucher runs out in less than a month and I need to get on the ball and make sure I am signed up for the correct exam!!!
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    I think the best thing you can do is look up the contact number for Pearson Vue and give them a call. It'll probably be easier to sort out with a live person rather than the website.

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  • redline5thredline5th Member Posts: 119
    I called them and they don't seem to really know.

    One girl assured me that it was the exact same test as the N10-003.

    It'll be my luck that I'll get in there test day and it won't be the same thing.

    Anyone run into this?
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    “The liberty of speaking and writing guards our other liberties.” -- Thomas Jefferson
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    You have to register for the JKO-012 test, not the N10-003 test. Yes, they are the same test but labeled different because of the student voucher vs regular voucher. Call Pearson Vue and tell them that you are a student with a voucher for the Network+ test. They will ask you for the voucher number and schedule it for you. There is a section where you select what test you want to pick and choose "CompTIA EC2-Jobs+ (JK1, JK0). After you select that, all the JK1, JKO test pop-up. At least that is how Prometric is.

    I ran into the same thing but with Prometric.
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