Transitioning From Comp Sci to Law

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For a while now, I've been considering what options (both along the strictly Comp Sci path, and in other fields) are possible with my BSc in Computer Science. I've considered the path of Information Security, Finance and now, I'm looking at Law. Right now, the situation in many countries (mine included) is such that a post grad degree is almost a necessity, but given the expense and amount of work involved, choosing a post grad degree is not a decision that anyone would want to rush into. For that reason, I'm keeping my options open, and trying to choose the path that will a) provide the most fulfillment, and b) be the most financially lucrative. Law seems to be a pretty good option where both of those two criteria are concerned. The link below shows the program that I'm considering, LLM in Technology & Intellectual Property Law (not relevant to you guys in the US I believe), but right now I'm doing research to find out if they will allow me to take the bar exam if I complete this degree. Anyone else making this, or other transitions, feel free to offer advice.

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