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do you have to do a "copy run start" at the end of a question ? or do just EXACTLY what the question asks and NOTHING more?

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    This question has been answered several times already in this forum. Yes, you have to save your configuration, of course... "of course" because you would do that in reality as well, and that is what a simulator simulates (at least it attempts to), a real-world scenario.
    or do just EXACTLY what the question asks and NOTHING more?
    No, you have to think logical, as if you were configuring an actual router (and somebody is paying you for it, so you better save the config ;)). That means that if you need to configure a connection between two routers, and the sim question explicitely mentions only that you need to assign an IP address, you also have to run a 'no shutdown' command on the interface you assigned an IP address to.... for example. The configurations in the sims are very basic though, so if you actually know what you are doing, then they are not that difficult.

    The CCNA exam requires actual skills not just theory, that is why it is important to build your own home lab or find another way to get some hands-on (with a good simulator for example, or ideally at the job), in addition to 'just' reading a book and taking some practice exams.

    I hope this helps icon_wink.gif

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    amod_pandyaamod_pandya Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    thanks man.
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