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this to protocols are to carry voice traffic between PSTN switches , or generate signals for on-hook off-hook , ringing , and others like dial-tone ??


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    CCS = Common Channel Signaling
    CAS = Channel Associated Signaling

    They are forms of signaling. The b-channels in each implementation are responsible for carrying the voice.
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    Hope this helps
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    Hope this helps

    Not exactly correct,PRI is a term associated with ISDN, ISDN uses CCS signalling.
    CAS and CCS are two types of signalling that can be used within a T1/E1.

    CAS signalling uses RBS (robbed bit signalling), at specific frame intervals it robs bits from the
    data/voice channel and uses them for signalling.

    CCS reserves a 64bit channel for signalling, timeslot 16. There are different types of CCS i.e. ISDN, QSIG etc, CCS is much preffered over CAS, CAS is being phased out.
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