What's in 70-272

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So May has been a crazy month of exams for me. I signed up for three exams (270, 271, 272) and have passed 270 (with a 747) and 271 (with a 916).

I have 272 coming in a week and I know that it covers supporting desktop applications on Win xp, but I think that's kinda vague. The TechNotes on this site broke down the subjects covered in 270/271 and helped me tremendously while preparing. Can anyone provide me with a "to the point" listing of the subjects covered?

Thanks in advance! icon_thumright.gif
Cert Exams:

70-270: Passed with 747 on 5/04/2009
70-271: Passed with 916 on 5/11/2009
70-272: Passed with 953 on 5/19/2009


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