Victory at Last

vwtechvwtech Member Posts: 68 ■■□□□□□□□□
This morning, I took my nervous self to the testing site. I read and studied only from the following text: Network + -ISBN 0789728303, did the chapter reviews and used the CD that comes with it. Completed many different practice test including the ones on this site. The one on Port numbers is a good one.

icon_eek.gif My passing score was: 726 :P

My suggestion to people studying is to study hard and do all the practice test you can.

The next adventure will be working toward MCSA on MS Server 2003. I will see you guys in the various MS Forums that touch on my goals. icon_lol.gif
Don't tell co-workers your going for a Cert that they don't have. They may think your trying to take their job.


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