Can a 2501 be configured to share cable connection?

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Can you apply NAT inside to the serial interface of the 2501? Thinking this would be cool to do because I have more than one router right now. Dont want to waste money on a 2514 if I dont need one.


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    Yes. You can apply IP NAT inside to a serial interface. Since 2501 only has one ethernet port, you are correct that you'll need a second 2501.

    [e0 (2501) s0]
    [s0 (2501) e0]

    Just remember to add your LAN's network address range to the NAT inside source/access list.

    Also, do a "passive-interface ethernet0" on the first 2501 when configuring routing protocols. You don't want your neigbors down the street knowing what your home internetwork looks like.
  • DanhDanh Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
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