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I have a question on Windows Synchronization. We have a place on the server where all data for all users is stored (lets call it \\server1\user-data).
We recently moved hardware and now need everyone to point to a new path (lets call it \\server2\user-data). We changed the path locations via AD and everyone is getting to the new path and data, however when windows tries to sync (because we have offline files enabled). It comes back with error messages trying to sync to \\server1\user-data still (it also syncs the correct path too). How do I remove the old connections so my users stop seeing this error message?


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    Im having the same problem, but only with a couple users, the rest are ok.
    I cant find where to remove the old sync path, but for the rest of my users this happend automatically.
  • JordusJordus Banned Posts: 336
    did you try a gpupdate on the clients and reboot them?
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    There should be an option to edit or change the paths when it fails and gives and error. You may need to manually cancel the synchronization and then adjust it from there. I can't remember off the top of my head, but I know you can remove it from that synchronization area.

    How many users do you have? There's probably a way to automate the process, but I don't know of one myself.

    You're using DFS this time around, right? ;)
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    @ dynamik - we have close to 3000+ users so adjusting anything by hand is out of the question completely.

    @ claymoore - thanks for the article, going to try the reset via registry in a vbscript and apply it through gpo...see what happens

    This is quite an annoying issue to deal with every time something doesn't sync right, one of those things that microsoft should really improve
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    Does re-initializing the cache remove links to non-existent items?
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