Looks like I get to use my Second Shot attempt

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Failed with a 662

44 questions, 2 sims, several drag and drops

Sims were incredibly easy.

I saw tons of software deployment questions...4-5 of the first 6 questions dealth with it, and I saw another 2-3 related questions later on.

Group policy as it related to groups and OU structures was heavily tested, as expected.

Restoring AD, recovering deleted OUs/accounts/groups, etc. also showed up frequently.

Site links and replication issues were prevalent.

FSMO issues showed up in 4-5 questions, one was entirely about a command line utility that is referenced in less than 1/4 of a page in the MS Press book. I missed that one.

Very little about GC...one or two questions max, and absolutely nothing for UGMC.

I rushed it a bit...mostly used MCSE Exams in a Nutshell, Self Test, and a touch of CBT Nuggets. I'll go back and read the MS Press book like I should have in the first place. :)
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