IPP <Internet Printing Protocol>

I am confused..ok here is the question

Which of the following statements are true about using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)?
(Select all that apply)

A. The print server computer must be running IIS 4 or later.
B. The print server computer may be running Windows 2000 Professional.
C. You can view all available printers and faxes by typing the following URL into a web browser http://print_server_name/printers.
D. You can connect to specific printer by typing the following URL into a web browser

ok...the correct answers are B and D.
First of all B is wrong, because there is no such thing as Windows 2000 Professional. Yes..Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000..but not 2000 Professional
second...here is what according to Sybex and MS Press,
To connect to an Internet printer using a web browser,
Open the web browser, type http://print_server/printers in the address bar.
so ..the correct answer should be only "C"
can someone please explain to me like i am a 6 years old?

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