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Anyone truely familiar with using this? We have one site that our end users need to go to for training. It is on the approved list, but after they are logged in and click on any of the internal links they are booted back to the login screen. The site owner said no one else was having trouble, till I had him enable CA on his computer, and he saw the same error we are getting.

Is there something that needs to be coded in their site to do a check with IE that it is on the approved list? We have over 100 sites on the list, and this is the only one that is giving us grief.


  • wd40wd40 CISA, eJPT, MCP, MCTS, CompTIA x 6 Member Posts: 1,017 ■■■■□□□□□□
    can you give us the site so that we can check?

    it maybe useless because we will have to login ..

    Just a small thought, some sites will switch to a different domain name after you login.
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    I believe CA must be set for each website. If you click a link and go to another site that isn't on the trusted may be bumped.
    I have never really used this feature. it is probably good for parents who want to lock down what their kids can see. I just use my router to block what I don't want getting in.
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    Personally is you are trying to limit website access I would use gpedit.msc. I find it to work well. Just have it hit your proxy when they try to access a site that is unauthorized. Then just export the settings and apply to everyones box that you are doing it on.
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