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Hello everyone, I have a question regarding a small project I am starting on in about a month. My friend and I are going to install a small network in a new office for his aunt. It will consist of like 7 workstations and 1 server. I know how to get everything up and running however the internet link is what confuses me.

From what she told me, they have DSL running through the building with a walljack near the wiring closet. I'm assuming I'd have to get a router(going with Cisco since thats what I know) with a WIC-1ADSL card in it and connect the RJ11 from the wall to that correct?

Or would it be cheaper/easier getting one of these SOHO routers and then plugging a switch into that for more hosts? I haven't had the chance to discuss how many hosts she plans on having but I'd assume a 24 port switch would more than meet her needs for the time being. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. icon_thumright.gif


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