SNMP on firewalls

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Does anybody see any major security issues with using SNMPv3 to monitor there firewalls as long as they are properly patched/maintained?


  • darkerosxxdarkerosxx Banned Posts: 1,343
    Link to security implications section of Wikipedia page on SNMP:

    Simple Network Management Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    It would only be for read access and from that link it looks like SNMPv3 takes care of those vulnerabilities. the ip address of the poller could be spoofed, but the authentication should take care of that. does anyone monitor their firewalls with it or do they prefer to leave it off?
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    We monitor with SNMP, but the traffic does not travel over any public network. I would definitely steer away from write access and use a VPN if available if you have to monitor over any public network like the internet.
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    Its not going over the internet, its all within a frame-relay WAN. Just wanted to make sure there is no major vulnerability that could take place because it would be very useful to poll info
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    Be thankfully that at least you are using v3 with read-only access ...
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    Sepiraph wrote: »
    Be thankfully that at least you are using v3 with read-only access ...

    well we're not doing anything yet, i just figured if i'm going to do it and they collector/firewalls can support it I might as well set it up the right way
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