NETWORKING Msc Dissertation ... Can you give some ideas or suggest some topics?

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Suggestions and Ideas for a dissertation in NETWORKING ...... please!

I’m currently studying MSc Computer Systems and networking at the University o Greenwich.
Most of my friends are using OPNET to do networking simulations and test a network or a service under various scenarios. Doing a simulation is not very difficult but I am not very motivated to do it. I am looking for something new which stands apart.
My programming skills are very basic but I do not mind having to learn a new programming language for the dissertation.
The criteria for the dissertation:
70% of the work should be research
30% should be the development of a product

In terms of time, I have to start time now and the project has to be submitted in April 2010.
So I do have plenty of time to make research or even learn a new programming language, ...

ANY ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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