Finish MCSE or Start on MCITP?

mike4066mike4066 Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
I have 3 test finished and one more to go to finish my MCSA+Messaging cert.
70-270 (passed back in 06)
70-290 (passed back in 06)
70-291 (passed today)
70-284 (scheduled for this Saturday 5/23.)

Should I continue on the MCSE path from this point or move over to the MCITP tracks. I have 5+ years exp with server/exchange 2003 and I'm pretty confident that the MCSE tests would go down fairly easily.

How hard/fast are employers looking to upgrade from 2003 to 2008. From what I've seen alto of companies are really happy with Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 and don't plan to migrate.

Are employers aware of how the MCITP tracks relate to the old ones? I know it took me a while to figure out what they did with all of the tests.


  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I'd finish the MCSE since you're that far along.
  • WanBoy67WanBoy67 Member Posts: 225
    +1 on finishing MCSE, the material should be still fresh in your head, making the upgrade exam a bit easier. Then you'd have both.
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  • bertiebbertieb Member Posts: 1,031 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Another vote here for finishing the MCSE. When I was booking some time off for an exam my boss asked what an MCTS was.
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  • maumercadomaumercado Member Posts: 163
    +1 on the MCSE first then update to MCITP:EA
  • PaperclipPaperclip Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    And another. A lot of companies are looking very comfortable with 2003.

    I think there is a theme here! :)
  • PsoasmanPsoasman Member Posts: 2,687 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I'd knock out the mcse, then do the upgrade.
  • mike4066mike4066 Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks so much for the replies guys.

    I was so on the fence as to which route to take.

    I'll finish the MCSE.
  • thenjdukethenjduke Member Posts: 894 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Finish that MCSE and just take upgrade exams. This is what I will be doing. I already MCSE but taking upgrade exams and heard it is not such hard test.
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