What should a grad expect/how can I improve my chances?

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Hi guys, started reading the forums yesterday while I was doing research and thought I should ask specifically about my situation.

Here is where I stand. Next year is my senior year at Ohio University, which is a top 50 undergrad business school. I will be graduating with a degree in MIS. I currently hold a 3.3 GPA, with a MIS GPA around 3.8. I'm hoping to bring my GPA up a bit more, but it shouldn't raise (or drop) substantially at this point.

I was a late switch into MIS, and I'm still learning about the technology field and its requirements. I currently hold no certifications. I plan to study up this summer and get my A+ certification. I am taking a Sharepoint class in the fall and plan on getting certified in that as well before I finish school. Time permitting, I may try to get the Network+ cert as well, but I don't know if that will happen or not.

This summer I will be working an internship for 2 months in the IT department of a large sports agency. That will likely be my only IT experience when I graduate.

So where do I stand? How hard will it be for me to find a job when I get out of school next year? Should I be aiming to get more/less certifications? What kind of certifications should I get? I don't know exactly what path I want to take yet. What do you all think?
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