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Hey guys,

I'm pretty new in the IT field (not even technically into it yet, recent switch to MIS major). I keep reading a lot about everyone's home labs on here. I understand the purpose of the home labs; to try things you can't try at work and get experience with new things. But what exactly are you trying? What kinds of things do you do with your home lab?

Sorry for the extremely newbie question, but curiosity struck. I've wanted to build my own computer, so hopefully i'll be able to do that when I get a job. The home lab is intriguing too.



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    Anything you can imagine you can do on a home lab. As you are studying you will have various scenarios in books you are going through that you can "lab" in your home lab. This can range from having a virtual machine for a particular OS that you might be studying to test out various features without risk of causing issues to your primary OS, up to having many virtual machines with several servers and/or clients to simulate an Active Directory domain.

    I use my home lab for configuring and testing a lot of the scenarios and projects listed in books I work through, as well as testing configurations for work since I often don't have time to do that in the office so my work comes home with me.
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