A day in the life of a SSCP

Dr_AtomicDr_Atomic Member Posts: 184
I'm interested in knowing what a day in the life of someone who has a SSCP is like. The kind of daily duties, what to expect on-the-job, etc. How would it be different from, say, a Cisco CCSP?


  • JDMurrayJDMurray MSIT InfoSec, CISSP, SSCP, GSEC, EnCE, C|EH, CySA+, PenTest+, CASP+, Security+ Surf City, USAAdmin Posts: 12,088 Admin
    The SSCP is a generic, technically-oriented security certification. It is likely that anyone bothering to get the SSCP would be in the technical side of InfoSec. There is no "typical day" for an SSCP-certified professional;
    I'd suggest searching for the keyword "SSCP" on the more popular job boards and seeing what kinds of positions favor people with the SSCP certification.
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