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First off I just wanted to say thanks to Webmaster. These boards and the information you have up helped me alot in my N+ studies.

I know you passed A+ a while ago and many things have changed on the test since then. But i also know you spend alot of time monitoring these boards. So i know you have seen what alot of people post. I was just wondering if you or anyone on these boards could recommend a good study guild for A+ Hardware and OS.


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    I actually never took the A+ exam. At the time I could have used it, I didn't even know about it, not even sure it existed then. But indeed, from reading the post in the forums I can suggest a study guide for A+. The most popular is the All-in-one A+ study guide from Mike Meyers. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone, but you should get the 5th edition, which is the latest.

    Good luck!
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    I would also reccomend the Mike Myers All-In-One guide. I used the 4th edition for my A+, and found it very easy to follow. Here's some more info on the 5th Edition.
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