Server+ 2009 Study material?

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Anyone got any resources yet for this beta?


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    I just got back from the test. Found it very easy. I had not studied at all and dont really work on server hardware, nor do I keep up in that area either. Wing it dude.
    this is the only resource i used :
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    I also recently took the Beta exam and found it fairly easy. I'm already certified in Server+ but I decided to take the Beta still to sharpen my skills.
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    any fuzzy questions in the exam?
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    There are no official study guides available, (there rarely are for beta exams,) but that shouldn't stop you from studying the topics in the exam outline separately. JDMurray has put together a fantastic blog entry outlining the topics covered on the exam, along with listing some independent study-resources to go along with them.

    Free Microsoft Training: Microsoft Learn
    Free PowerShell Resources: Top PowerShell Blogs
    Free DevOps/Azure Resources: Visual Studio Dev Essentials

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    when are they going to release the exam to the public along with new study materials??

    or should one pick up and older book and follow up with the blog entry?

    I will be checking out the blog entry as well..

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    wow thanks for the fast response!!!

    and sorry for the double post!
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