A+ Core Passed C-YA

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Well today I passed the A+ Core with a score of 555. I know its not terrific but the test wasn't actually that easy because of the wording on the problems. There were a couple random off topic questions that had nothing to do with the exam. I had 10 minutes remaining when i clicked end exam. The book i used to study was Mike Meyers A+ Passport second edition. Great book!
Material on the exam that should be important for others because it was stressed:

1. Study ESD and Moniter care
2. Make sure your familiar with Ram, Hardrives, Cpu's, CMOS, and motherboards.
6.Device Manager

I had barely any SCSI questions but i did have multiple Cpu Questions.
Other than that I am really happy to get that over with. It was a little boring for me.
Thanks Techexams! Off to study the OS part icon_lol.gif


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