BOTH passed today: Win XP + Vista (MCSA)

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Hi just passed both of these Exams:

1st was the Win XP 70-270 (cca 800PTS):
- quite easy, but you have to check for deeper details (normal usage is not enought)
- took me about 1.5 hour to do the exam
- studied the MS book for about 5 days, 2 hrs daily
- 55 questions + 2 simulations

the 2nd was Vista 70-620 (EXACTLY: 700PST - inside 700pts club!):
- tricky, normal usage but you have to nkow the update and fresh install procedure.
- studied some eBook for about 6 hrs, one day enought (its quite the same as XP so if you are fammiliar with XP, just know the differences)
- test took me about 1hr 15minutes
(WAS tired - very tired so the last questions, I did not taught about them - becasue the 700 pts)
- 63 questions from those were aprox !!8!! simulations

Get fammiliar with installing, upgrading, minimal required HW, dialup and firewall.

MCSA here I am :))

and not MCSA: Messaging - here I come!!

(than Security and MCSE)

Thank you



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