I passed Network+ today.. 846/900 My impressions and thanks

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This is my first post. First of all, I want to give huge thanks to Johan Hiemstra for putting together a GRET technote set! Thank you so much - I found this website yesterday and studied everything on it til 3:00am!

I used two books besides the tech notes: "Faster Smarter Network+ Certification" by Melissa Craft, and "Exam Cram2 Network+". The two books complement each other, but I thought the Faster Smarter book was a lot more boring to read. I studied the two books for about 3 weeks, on and off, 1/2-1 hour when I could (I have two small children and a third coming soon, and it's soooooo difficult to find the time).

The exam itself: the first 20-30 questions scared me. There were a lot of "situations", where you had to click on an exhibit, which would show a network graph. You had to find out where the error was. Not super-difficult, but the questions were kind of convoluted and, under the stress of the timer, it's easy to waste more time on these questions than needed. After that, it got a lot better, just standard questions you find in the books - and in the wonderful TechNotes - like "What's the port # for FTP", "What does WINS do", "Identify the AUI connector in the picture below" etc. etc. Easy if you study the material, and a lot easier to read, think and answer (less time).

The only other certification I have is A+, which I got last May. My next goal is to go for the CCNA since I now work in a WAN project department. We mainly use Cisco equipment.

I might also take i-Net+ since a friend gave me a book for free and I do websites.

Good luck to all of you studying for Network+. It's really not that difficult (easy for me to say now that I've passed icon_rolleyes.gif ). Serioulsy, get the TechNotes and you're set.


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