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Well, I am stuck!?!? Have completely set up a presence server, and installed CUPC clients on a couple of pc's. Everything works perfectly...except our statuses will not change...they stay on "offline." (therefore we cant im) I have ensured acl's were set up....deleted them.....quit using authentication over the sip trunk, etc...and cant resolve this problem. Any ideas guys? I have read EVERY cisco document out there concerning this...and followed every config guide by cisco to the "t", and still cant figure it out. Thanks in advance!


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    If this is a production environment it’s time for a TAC call – We have a vendor who did an install recently who is having the same problem = LDAP queries lock up and the status’ don’t change. They are still waiting on a work-around.
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    Ya I might have to open up a TAC soon. Everything appears to be working...I have even sniffed packets to ensure that I was recieving a "200" back when my subscribe and publish messages were going out. So ya....might be time for the experts. Luckily its not mission critical yet; more or less just something that is driving me crazy. Thanks for the response man!
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    What version of CUPC are you running?
    What version of Presence?

    Make sure your setup is actually good. Go to HELP and click on "Show Server Health" It should be all green...

    CUPC has a pretty good tool for troubleshooting.
    1. Start CUPC.
    2. Go to HELP
    3. Make sure "Enable Detailed Logging" is checked.
    4. Try to login.
    5. After it fails, go to HELP again.
    6. Click on "Create Problem Report." Follow the steps and it will post the results in a zip file

    Locate the zip and look inside for the files named - resiplog and UnifiedClientLog. Search through those for errors and if you dont see any then just post the last couple pages here...
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    Ya, I had addressed all of those things in my troubleshooting. After taking about a week off from trying to fix the issue I looked at it again today and solved the problem (with the help of a great book on the subject..."Deploying Cisco Unified Presence")! I had everything working...and I mean everything; except that my status would not change no matter how many times I clicked "available." After looking at many packet captures I kept noticing a common string that did not make any sense in my "publish" messages. The string was something like ipaddress: port;transport=tcp...after doing a bit of research i found that this particular string was located in the presence engine service parameters. I changed the string to read <actual presence server ip address>:5070;transport=tcp. I rebooted my CUPC client, and whoila! It now works. So hopefully this can help someone in the future! Thanks for all the tips guys!
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