Pictures of my schools Cisco Labs

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Was bored and I figure I'd post some picture of my schools Cisco lab.


That picture is of our BSCI lab, on the top is the backbone router, and the rest are 12 routers broken down into pods.


Catalyst 5500 Switches
Cisco 2900 Series Switches

This is our BCMSN lab, their are about 12 of these 6 on each side, each switch has a RSFC installed for Vlan Routing/MLS Routing, also at the bottom of these switches is our CIT Lab.


Those are the Core switches that connect all the Disribution switches together.


This is our BCRAN Lab, Their are 4 8 PSTN Simulators, 8 ISDN Simulators, 4 3640 Cisco Routers, and 4 External Modems and 4 Cisco 766 Routers


ISDN Switch, CIT Backbone Switch, And below is our Windows 2k Server.


Last but not least ;) Is our CCNA Lab, which contains Cisco 2500 Series Routers, Cisco 1900 Series Switches, 1 Cisco Core Router, and 1 Cisco Core Switch (Catalyst 5k)

All of this equipment we set up ourselves, which was really cool. Just too many darn wires haha!
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    NICE!!! icon_thumright.gif

    Great pics. dude!!!
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    icon_cyclops_ani.gif drewl drewl...

    Who said school isn't fun? icon_wink.gif
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    So the equipment is always setup? school took a different approach. Every lab, the first 10 minutes were spent setting up the physical hardware, the next 20 minutes configuring the 5 routers with the "basic" config using a random IP address the teacher choose, and the next hour and a half were lab exercises.

    After class, all the hardware was broken down and stored so that every class was also familiar with the hardware setup.
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    Haha nah ;) Every class the room is empty. All that wiring the teacher requires the students to do, all connections, router configs, switch configs etc.. is done by the us.

    First we have lecture, then we go right into setup and our class labs.
    "You know what they say, Microsoft could sell sand in the desert, but Novell couldn't sell crack in Harlem"
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    Nice pics & sup blade, looks like someone accidently slipped an adtran in there. icon_lol.gif
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    looks like they need to teach you guys Cable Dressing 101
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    Since its a school I don't think they really care about cable dressing, but thats what I was thinking as well. I know my school had the same problem with dressing, but that was due to my professor constantly messing with our cables and trying to throw all sorts of monkey wrenches our way.

    Man, I miss being in school![/quote]
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    Cable dressing is for a static environment. My lab looks like crap after every scenario but I still get a good deal of learning out of it.

    That is a nice adtran. I was looking at them but they were way too expensive. I ended up buying the Vconsole T1/E1/PRI 8 port BRI and a Teltone telephone line simulator.
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    I think that someone is using my equipment elsewhere ... :D
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