Would it be too difficult to get A+ and Net+ in the same month?

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Hey guys,

I was planning on studying for A+ over the course of my summer break and taking the test in late august. That gives me 3 months to study for it. I'm starting to think that I can probably do Net+ in the same span.

I don't have any actual work experience with A+ other than a few upgrades at home that I have done myself or with my cousin (RAM, graphics, and cd burner). I have taken two networking classes in college and set up the network at my house. So not a lot of experience between the two.

I am finishing up my third year at college majoring in MIS, and have played around with computers for a long time. Do you think it would be too much to try to get both out of the way this summer while working a full time job?


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    It's absolutely possible, just gotta make sure you study...
    Dustin Leefers
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    It really depends on how much you truly understand about Networking and how computers "work". When I took the A+ (last year) it was not very hard at all. It took me about 3 weeks to study for and pass the test. The N+ was a little harder because of the fact that I thought I knew a lot more about networks and networking than I did. It was a little tougher but I can say that it has helped me in 2 ways and will help me in 1 more way: 1: Understanding basic TCP/IP and the OSI has helped me with understanding my CCNA self study a little better , 2: It does look good on a resume/cv , and the way it will help me is that when I go for my MSCA in about 2 months I will only have to take 3 test instead of 4 :).

    I am no expert but I say if you have the time and the will go for it. Hell I am going for CCNA, MCP and MCSA in a 90 day period.

    I wish you luck with your learning.
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    Thanks for the quick posts. I think I'm gonna try to go for it. I am working an internship all of june and july, but I have August off so I have some extra time to study. No harm in going for it I suppose.
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    This is Definately Possible. I believe i took Network+,MCP 290, and MCTS Vista All within 3 or 4 months. So go for it.
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    yes.. I got both in 3 weeks. Taking 1 test a week.
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    carboncopy wrote: »
    yes.. I got both in 3 weeks. Taking 1 test a week.

    I think thats my plan for august. Just had to make sure I wasn't setting impossible goals. I've never taken any of the exams before (obviously), so I have no idea what they are like. All of these posts have reassured me, though. Thanks everybody
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    I'm starting learning A+ and N+ too. Hope I can taking a test end of August. Wish me luck guys.
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    If you guys study every day for a few hours and more on the weekends you should be able to get both of those in a month or so.
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