taking the 602 tomorrow

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I passed the 601 thankfully yesterday. I scheduled for the 602 mainly because I have studied up and down. Suprisingly though, the 601 did not have as many technical questions as I thought, and more customer service related than anything. I was shocked!

I would assume that the 602 is more in depth with software related material. Any feedback on this? My test is at 12 tomorrow's!


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    Congratulations on passing your first half of the exams.

    As far as what is on the next one? Everything in the objectives is fair game.
    Good luck.
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    So I passed the exam, and now I'm A+ certified. I had some serious test anxiety though. Since 2002 I've been wanting to get this cert, and never did. I've worked in the IT industry since 02 slowly building my way up but always limiting myself due to no certs.

    This test, being my first, was tough for me because I did not know what to expect in teh test enviroment. Or how the questions would be worded, even thought some would require explanations written. And for the simple fact that they cost money to take, I was always reluctant.

    But passing with a 820 and 780, I was very pleased. And, I think the test is an excellent tool for all new and old comers to the exams. It covers alot of basic information one might need in the future. Its always easier to recall something you've heard of, versus not knowing anything about it and googling it. I dunno, thats just my opinion. On to my Net+.
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