http pdlm missing from 877

rakemrakem Member Posts: 800
Why the hell does my Cisco 877 not have the http option!!!!!

Router(config-cmap)#match protocol ?
arp IP ARP
bgp Border Gateway Protocol
bridge Bridging
cdp Cisco Discovery Protocol
compressedtcp Compressed TCP (VJ)
cuseeme CU-SeeMe desktop video conference
dhcp Dynamic Host Configuration
dns Domain Name Server lookup
eigrp Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
finger Finger
gopher Gopher
gre Generic Routing Encapsulation
icmp Internet Control Message
imap Internet Message Access Protocol
ip IP
ipinip IP in IP (encapsulation)
ipsec IP Security Protocol (ESP/AH)
ipv6 IPV6
irc Internet Relay Chat
kerberos Kerberos
l2tp L2F/L2TP tunnel
ldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
llc2 llc2
mgcp Media Gateway Control Protocol
netbios NetBIOS
nfs Network File System
nntp Network News Transfer Protocol
notes Lotus Notes(R)
novadigm Novadigm EDM
ntp Network Time Protocol
ospf Open Shortest Path First
pcanywhere Symantec pcANYWHERE
pop3 Post Office Protocol
pppoe PPP over Ethernet
pptp Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
printer print spooler/lpd
rip Routing Information Protocol
rsvp Resource Reservation Protocol
rtsp Real Time Streaming Protocol
secure-ftp FTP over TLS/SSL
secure-http Secured HTTP
secure-imap Internet Message Access Protocol over TLS/SSL
secure-irc Internet Relay Chat over TLS/SSL
secure-ldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol over TLS/SSL
secure-nntp Network News Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL
secure-pop3 Post Office Protocol over TLS/SSL
secure-telnet Telnet over TLS/SSL
smtp Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
snapshot Snapshot routing support
snmp Simple Network Management Protocol
socks SOCKS
sqlserver MS SQL Server
ssh Secured Shell
syslog System Logging Utility
telnet Telnet
vofr voice over Frame Relay packets
xwindows X-Windows remote access

the bloody thing has https but not http!! whats the deal with that?
CCIE# 38186


  • kryollakryolla Member Posts: 785
    use the older method with an access list to match http traffic unless you plan on filtering via keywords in the url or in the messages which NBAR will come in handy but if it is just http ports then I would use the older method
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  • rakemrakem Member Posts: 800
    So i could use an extended ACL?

    Just find it weird that an ADSL router with a fairly recent IOS does not have an HTTP option, but does have HTTPS.

    I looked on the cisco site and couldn't even see a HTTP pdlm for it
    CCIE# 38186
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