C.V. Question! Need An Advice

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Hi Guys,

I got a question for my C.V., maybe someone could help me.

Here is the situation:

I'm currencly at my 2nd IT Job since 5 years. The first IT Job i got was a job i got from a Training (with school). The thing is that place (Micro Select that was called), have closed (bankruptcy i think). Should i still write that i worked at that place on my C.v.? I mean i have no more contact with my former boss and that place is closed.

The thing is if i apply for a new job and i don't write it, i don't have any ''IT Boss reference'' because i can't write the job i have now (i still work there).

Sorry for my english guys!

Thanks for youre time guys! And girls! (If we have some in the forum!) icon_wink.gif


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