What is the best wireless product ????

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Dear Friends
I wish u r all in very good health ..... I want to take your opinion about something .. My company will buy wireless APs with its Controller .... I want to know how to arrange the following products from the best to the worest and if i want to give them marks from 100 , can you help me ???

The products are:


========>Access Points (AP300 & AP5181 & 5700AP)
========>Controller (WS2000)


========>Access Points (HP ProCurve MSM422 & ProCurve MSM 320-R)
========>Controller (HP procurve MSM750 & HP procurve MSM730)


========>Access Points (AP-121 & AP-120 & AP 60)
========>Controller (3400 -32- AOS-STD)


========>Access Points (Dlink Dwl-3200AP & Dlink Dwl-3140AP & Dlink DWL-7700AP)
========>Controller (DWS-3024L & DSA-3600)

Thanks in advance


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    Why not Proxim or Cisco?
  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,014 Admin
    Whether you go with D-link or Cisco or anywhere in between depends mostly on what your budget is for your network access project.
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    Daer Friends
    Thanks for ur concern too much ..... But all what i want to know what is the reputation of these companies in the market .... and how can i arrange them from best to worest acording to their reputation & performance ....

    Thanks in advance
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    Haven't used them myself, but I've heard very good things about Aruba gear. Well priced and robust.

    Unless you get significant discounts, no need to buy Cisco.
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    The WGR614 router continues Netgear's tradition of attractive, powerful home networking products. Owners have remarked on the WGR614's great signal range, a key feature in homes with brick walls or similar obstructions. No device is perfect, though, and some have reported intermittent problems (presumably firmware related) that may require resetting the WGR614 router occasionally. Netgear offers a three-year warranty for the WGR614, and their customer support receives positive comments.

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    Motorola is best suited for your requirement.

    If your network is small and if you want to expand it later Go with Motorola RFS 6000 controller, it can support starting from 8 access points upto 48 access points. If you buy 8 access port support now it can be upgraded upto 48 access port by adding additional license.

    Also it comes with 8 Port 10/1001/1000 POE supports upto 29.7 watts per port, so 802.11N motorola access points also can be connected directly to controller.

    I recommend:

    1. RFS 6000 Wireless LAN switch (Supports upto 48 APs)
    2. AP 7131 If you are going for 802.11n
    3. AP 300 If you are going for 802.11b/g (54Mbps)

    C.Panneer Selvam
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    We use Trapeze Networks for our wireless solution.

    NonStop Wireless | Trapeze Networks

    They have AP's, controllers and management software to manage the wireless network.
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