Exam Wednesday, and im scared i will fail

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I have read sybex and mike meyers books also i have bought examdrill and im getting 90% on it, when i do the sybex test exams im gettting 60 to 77%, also i do the exams on this site and get liek 85%, im starting to worry that im about to fail.

i need some confidense icon_cry.gif

If i pass tomorrow im going on holiday if i fail im staying home and i loose my holiday! icon_confused.gif


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    If you're not completely confident, I would re-schedule if possible. However, it sounds like you're very close, if not ready to pass. I used Mike Myers, and this site to study my Net+, I passed. I was getting around 85-90% on Myers, and 90-100% here. Keeping in mind my first statement, I would go for it. Net+ wasn't as difficult as I expected. Also, if you wait too long to take it, the new objectives will kick in, and you'll have to re-study for it. You can check both sets of objectives here.
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    Sounds to me like you will do find. I was scared too when I took mine, but trust me...... It's not that bad if you study. If you are making 75-80% on all the practice exams you should be fine.

    Good Luck,

    --Kerry icon_thumright.gif
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    Likewise, I was nervous too, thought I might scrape a pass but actually ended up suprising myself with my score. Read my thread (a few down) I started after I passed, there's a few tips there.
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    Passed 740! what a relief!
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    I just looked at the link of Ricks post. I would hurry up and pass.
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    congratulations! see...of course you passed! Did you find the exam that difficult?
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    Great Job buddy!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    The exam seems alot easyer than A+ but even when i have double checked my answers i thought i had failed i was very supprised to pass.

    my study time was 5 weeks icon_wink.gif

    Booked my flight and im off to Portugal tomorrow after noon for a week...then i coem back and i start my MCSA!
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