Which book would you recommed for self-studing for A+ Certification?

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I need to know which book to buy to study for A+ Exam.


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    Depends on your experience. If you're starting fresh, start with Mike Meyer's Passport. It's not enough to pass the test, but a good intro.
    Otherwise, I would say any current A+ book that nice and thick. You'll eventually need another one anyway. Always use 2 books from different publishers.
    Try reading the reviews at Amazon or Barnes and Noble sites.
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    looi76 wrote: »
    I need to know which book to buy to study for A+ Exam.

    Please search the forum on the hundreds of comments on this.

    Meyers - All in One
    Sybex - A+

    Both are excellent books and have been around and updated with thousands of people using the books and successfully preparing for their exams.
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