Passed 271 today, now for 272!!

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Hi all,

After putting off the 70-271 exam 3 times i finally took the plunge and sat it today - scraped through with a score of 766! After some long hard days of work then study this score made me realise my revision technique doesn't really seem too effective, think i need to build myself a cheap spare machine to set myself up a workshop for some hands on exercises!

I've ordered the book for the 70-272 and i was wondering how this exam compares to the 271? Does anything i should have learned the inside outs of in the 271 pop up in the 272 exam? If so then maybe i should take note of my weaknesses from the exam i sat today and touch up on my skills in those areas?

Also i would just like to say, this is the first forum i have been active on and it is such a great help, i will be using this site for the remainder of my ICT studies. Thanks to all who have replied to my questions, you've been great help!


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