Quad port nic cards choking CPU

acidsatyracidsatyr Member Posts: 111
I have i7, 12 GB RAM, and i just got 3 quad port nic cards, together with 4 switches, for my ccie lab preparation.
I tried running vista, as well as windows 7 but same thing happens: when i install one NIC, my spu usage goes up to 30 %, and its staying there. When i install 2, it completely chokes it. What is the deal? Anyone have any clue where should i be starting my troubleshoot at all??? Drivers are all fine. I posted this on another forum as well, hopping to get as much input as i can, this is annoying.


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    ccie15672ccie15672 Member Posts: 92 ■■■□□□□□□□
    ...do you have a loop in your ethernet network (with the switches you mentioned?)
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