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Hi guys,

Im hoping for a pointer as towards what sort of areas of study to tackle next. Currently im working for a medium sized business mainly on server issues and general networking problems, utilising ESX 3.5 environment which is in a hosting house in London. i guess it would be a classed as server support.

In the future i'd like to be the main server guy and get a sys admin or senior sys admin role. I currently have the MCSE 2003 qualification and have been thinking of going after the VCP to compliment my ESX experience. Would you suggest going for this bearing in mind Vspheres release?

Also is there anything else you could suggest that i have maybe missed out? Im looking to move into a senior server type role in future so anything based on that would be good. I appreciate its a bit of an open ended question with a million certs you could go for but some opinions would be good to consider.



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    Take this course and do the VCP4 when it becomes available August 1st: VMware Education Services

    It seems like storage is the next logical progression from there. You could always upgrade your MCSE as well. Maybe consider moving away from certs and delving into the resource kits to gain a better a knowledge of how things work. Certs will only take you so far.
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    Depending what type of server that you have at your shop. You want specific to target something or just in general.
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