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Greetings All:

I have a quick question about the MCSA exams. Could all of you rate the exams in difficultly and tell me why you choose that rating? Also I would like to know how long it took for each of you to study for the exams. This is on a scale of 1 to 10.





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    Awesome. But this is also disheartening...Has anyone used the Sybex book for the 70-290/70-291/70-270? Are the MS books the way to go?
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    Hi there

    270 very easy if you have been tinkering with windows xp for a while, use the ms self-paced training book and testout training suite for an easy pass. personally i done about 50 hours worth of study for this exam

    290 this exam adds on from 270 so a little harder although there is alot of overlap. again use the ms self-paced training book and testout. 50 hours study again

    291 this exam is definately the hardest in the MCSA cert. I probably had an advantage having a CCNA before doing this exam, but if you have had little or learning with networking etc you will defiantely have to study hard. I done a little more study for this one so probably 60 hours.
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    the difficulty rating would be different for everyone because someone with say a few years hands on experience is going to find the exam easier than someone that is new to the industry. However on that note I would say that 291 and 293 were the most difficult. As for the question relatin to the sybex book that is the book I used for the 290 exam and it covered all of the objectives.Of all the cert exams I have done (been an MCSE since NT 4.0) 70-294 is the easiest and generally if you do a server exam (70-290) the OS exam (70-270) is easy as there is a fair amount of overlap
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