elective first before taking 290 and 291?

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I'm thinking of taking the elective first for MCSA messaging before taking 290 and 291. I'm considering that it will make me more marketable even if I haven't finish the MCSA yet. I haven't done any exchange administration and have totally zero experience in messaging. Any opinions would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    I haven't done 284, but from what I hear, knowing the material from 291 and 293 helps a great deal.
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    dynamik wrote: »
    I haven't done 284, but from what I hear, knowing the material from 291 and 293 helps a great deal.

    does it mean it's harder than the beast?
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    Like I said, I haven't taken it, so I can't compare it personally. My impression is that it is one of the more difficult exams. It seems like you also need to know how to do things like migrate from 5.5, etc. (which is why I'm personally not going back for my "M" and just focusing on future MCITP revisions). It sounds like you need to have a good handle on routing, PKI, and things like that. Be sure to hit up the exam objectives for the full list: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exams/70-284.mspx

    This thread might be of interest to you as well: http://www.techexams.net/forums/exchange-server-office-communications-server-exams/25071-failed-70-284-2x-cause-had-not-taken-290-291-my-bad.html#post166694
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    i dont know how it could be more marketable than 290, but whatever you think employers want out of you more is the most important thing.
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    Haven't taken it, but I'd assume 284 would be more difficult than any single exam in the MCSE track.
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    does it mean it's harder than the beast?

    Here's my experience:
    290 - 2 weeks of study - passed w/ ~920
    291 - 2 weeks of study - passed w/ ~ 860
    293 - 1 week of study - passed w/ ~ 800
    284 - 4 weeks of study - failed w/ ~680
    284 - 1 additional week of study - passed w/ ~820
    (I passed 285 before my retake of 284)

    I spent as much time preparing for 284 as I spent preparing for 290, 291 and 293 combined and I had a few years of experience as an Exchange administrator. Admittedly I was rushing to squeeze in 284 and 285 before a second shot promotion expired last year, but I think 284 is the most difficult MS exam I have taken so far. Exchange is a complicated product that requires knowledge of and experience with the topics covered in the 290, 291 and 293 exams.

    Although the test was tough, it was one of my favorite exams. Even though I passed the exam, I found that there was still so much more to learn. 284 also showed me that resource kits aren't just for periodic reference but they are probably the best source for learning a product in depth.
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