Passed Icnd! Yeah!!

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Passed Icnd1 last Friday first time so I'm over the moon. The exam was more difficult than Microsoft exams I have passed but this could be due to having much more experience with Microsoft products. I really lost my composure at the beginning of the exam as I was quite nervous and I went straight in to a difficult simulation which I think I fluffed and made me believe I would not pass. However I think it helped in a way as well because I thought I had messed it up I relaxed and just thought oh well I will just try my best. I passed with 832 so totally over the moon. I was fortunate enough to go on a Global Knowledge training course paid for by my company which helped a lot.

Study Plan I used.

1.Before Global knowledge course I used CBT Nuggetts to get familar with course material

2.Also pulled on resources from work I.E Senior Network Engineer to help with Subnetting and other network admin tasks to get practice

3. Attended 5 day course at Global knowledge

4. Watched CBT Nuggets again

5. used and application called packet tracer to configure switches and routers from the ground up I.E applying the config, enable password, encrypting password, naming the devices, configuring vty lines, and console session with login and password, configuring rip, setting up static routes, configuring wan links. I really liked this application. Its like dynamips except its not virtual so does not use up on all the resources on your machine. I don't think it contains all the command lines like dynamips does but it is good for CCNA level. When I doo CCNP I'm going to upgrade to full kit.

6. Finished of using some practice exams online and revision notes from

I passed with 832 which I'm very happy about. I'm on the 2nd part of my course on the 1st of June and I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again to tech exams for their study notes and practice exams


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