Finding schools for finishing AAS degree

TalicTalic Member Posts: 423
Is there a efficient way of looking for schools that offer bachelors in AAS which is Associate of Applied Science Degree? My school gives a few schools which they recommend but a lot of them are small schools that don't offer much in class selection. Most of the state schools just offer Computer Science degrees which wont accept my elective credits, I would like a list of schools that accepts them. It's a hassle looking through each schools site, finding the degree catalog and then looking at the classes they are offering the next two semesters.

I'm guessing I'll be going out of state, it's more expensive but they cut higher education here in Nevada so much that they aren't offering much in terms of selection of classes. I don't care for this state anymore and just want to get out after I'm done with my AAS. I'm sure I'll need some financial aid due to being from a different state but I think finding a list of schools would be a priority. I have a semester or two before I'm done but I would like to get things rolling soon.


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