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Hey Everyone,
I've been attempting to relocate to south Denver, Co and I'm having a heck of a time landing interviews. I get plenty of calls from "head hunters" but I have yet to actually get an interview. I've been submitting my resume to the "black hole" that is is the internet with no luck. So I turn to you for help =)

If anyone has a spare moment I've attached a screenshot of my resume, I'd appreciate some tips.

Thanks in advance!

p.s. The resume is normally 2 pages in length but split into 3 columns so I could attach to this post. Also I normally have my name, email address & phone # at the top in the header.


  • tierstentiersten Member Posts: 4,505
    Just a few random nitpick points.

    Your list of skills doesn't appear to follow any grouping or order. You should at least group them on what technology/area they are.
    You list VM Ware (It should be VMware) and then ESXi on the next line. I'm guessing you meant VMware Server or VMware Workstation for that line.
    The 3.0 on the next line for WSUS is because of the reformatting for the attachment?
    The list of specific tasks for each job responsibility is oddly aligned. Most of them line up but the ones under Company A and Company B don't.
    When you're using ordinals, you should write them out fully if it is just one word. e.g. third instead of 3rd.
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    It's reading pretty much like a manual with the way it is laid out to be honest.

    Firstly, don't put Objectives. Just put a couple of lines describing professional self as a profile. They know what you want due to the fact your resume is sitting on their desk. Make it good as those few lines make the difference between someone reading the rest of your resume or putting it in the reject pile in the first 10 seconds.

    Secondly, dont put "Skills". Put "Knowledge areas" and lose the lines.

    Under each role put a few lines about the role you performed and then a few bullet points of achievements that showed your worth. Saving company money, high resoution of incidents, any awards, etc.

    This thread should really be moved to the Jobs forum.
  • aordalaordal Member Posts: 372
    Cool thanks for the pointers. I'll be sure to implement them!
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