Security Device Manager

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Hi, I wonder if some one could help! I'm doing the CCNA 640-802 and using the viryual lab software that came with it as I do not have a full lab. I tried downloading the SDM and SDM demo from Cisco website but whenever I try to run it i get the following prompt:

'Unable to launch SDM due to one or more of the following reasons:

(1) The IP address or hostname you provided is not valid router address or not reachable.

(2) HTTP/HTTPS is disabled on the router.
SDM requiresHTTP or HTTPS to be enabled on the router. If you are runningHTTP or HTTPS on a custom port specify the port along with the device IP address or hostname'

I am only trying to run it in demo mode, not on a router.

I've followed the instructions from my course book for setting it up, Todd Lammle CCNA guide. Any help on getting it to work would be great.


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