Anyone Use Meru?

redwarriorredwarrior Member Posts: 285
We are evaluating Meru, Aruba, and Cisco for a greenfield wireless deployment which would include WoVoIP and eventually location/RFID. Right now we're a Cisco shop, but we wanted to see what was out there.

I'm asking about Meru/Brocade in particular because they way they explain how they handle chanelization is so much diffferent from how most wireless vendors handle it and different from everything I've ever read about channelization and how to cope with the issues it can cause in a 802.11b/g deployment where you only have 3 channels to deal with.

Who out there uses Meru? Do you love it/hate it? Anyone got any dirt/praise for virtual cell networks versus pico cell networks? What's the real deal because right now all I hear from Meru is how great it is and from Aruba and Cisco how it's a load of hogwash...I'm sure the truth is out there...


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  • tierstentiersten Member Posts: 4,505
    Meru get better throughput in a busy WiFi environment because they're messing around with the 802.11 headers and monopolizing the channel for longer than they should do according to the standard.
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