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Failed with a 564. Lots of questions on installing, I have never in 10 years in the industry had the need to install windows of a network, always used 3rd party created images. Who installs windows this way? Or anymore at least. Also was weak in secruity I guess. Already working in the feild, don't know if it would help or not at current job to have this cert or the MCSA for that matter. Depressed today, man. Used MSpress, examcram, cbt's, transender's, and the tech notes on this site, plus work experience. A very difficult tricky wordy exam. If you have not experienced it you may get it wrong.


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    Bummer man, but don't feel too bad. These exams can be a bit tricky. They just want you to do it the Microsoft way. There's many others with loads of experience that struggle with these exams. You just gotta think inside the MS box.

    What areas were you weak in? I'd concentrate on those and create a lab with some old computers or vmware/virtual pc and practice doing these unattended installs (even if no one really uses them) icon_wink.gif
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    Sorry to hear that man, but don't give up. You will pass next time.

    Get the Sybex book for this exam. You can probably find it used on Amazon for 5 or 10 dollars.

    The MSPress book might have confused you more than it helped you. I read the whole MSPress book twice and my eyes were spinning after. I read the Sybex book and it cleared a lot up! IMO Sybex is the way to go for this test.
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