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In the practice exam for question 43 you have the following:
By default, what happens on a Windows XP computer when the Application event log becomes full?
a. New events will not be recorded.
b. New events will overwrite older events.
c. The logfile's size will increase.
d. A second logfile will be created.
You said the answer was A. I assumed it would be B and it sounded a little off to me. So I looked up the setting on my computer (self built and self installed XP, so I know it's the default). I opened event viewer, right clicked on Application, and selected properties. A configuration window popped up with max size, created, modified, etc. And it also had a set of options for selecting what to do when the log is full. These were the options:
When maximum log size is reached:
Overwrite events as needed.
Over right events older than [7] days. (the 7 is changable).
Do not overwrite events (clear log manually).

By default on all three logs, option two was selected. So newer events would overwrite events older than 7 days if the log is full.


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    You are right, the answer (to my own question icon_confused.gif) should be B... (I've corrected it) I'm not sure yet why I set A as the correct answer (as I write questions with the correct answers in mind, and always tripple-check things), I think I accidentely checked the default setting on another windows version (2000) or edition (2000/2003 server). I'd appreciate if someone could check the default on those versions... (just to prevent me from going insane icon_wink.gif ) I apologize if I caused any confusion.
    Nice catch!

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