Have you experienced this.????

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Hey ccnp gurus!

at my work, we have this issue with our network. when downloading
a file from the internet of any size say 100 MB it will download most of it like 85 percent and then it slows down and crawls and never finishes?
it just stops. it runs at 900KB/s download speed and then just gets like i said 85 and 90 percent done and then just crawls and then eventually times out what is this? does anyone know? thanksicon_sad.gif

Iwanted to add, we moved from PRI/T1 to 10 meg fiber line and we are getting
1MB/s download speed but it keeps fluctuating from 1MB to 20 minutes later it is 700 MB/s or 500mb/s


  • Panzer919Panzer919 Member Posts: 462
    The file you are trying to download, is it on the other side of a P2P connection? what connection does the other site have?
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    Just a wild guess...but could be windowing??? Maybe I am way off base though (never mind I didnt read your post well enough to see that you said "it just stops." Does it do this for every download, or just the larger ones?
  • mzinzmzinz Member Posts: 328
    Need more info... Does this happen on all downloads? Does filesize matter?

    Could be many things. Could be YOUR ISP throttling after a certain amount, could be their ISP, etc.
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